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If you want a burger, Jackson Hole. If you need a burger, Jackson Hole. If you crave a need for only the best burger you could possibly get, Jackson Hole. You can have it your way, any way and there's no possible way you'll stay hungry with the amount of food they give you. You're welcome.


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Jackson Hole is the best restaurant I have ever gone to and it's food is just overall outstanding I love the way the atmosphere transforms you back into the olden days where the music had actual meaning and the diner just looks appealing.


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I was so happy with the taste of the wings. Best wings I've had in the neighborhood! And that says a lot for the booming Astoria area! Western Omelet was yummy too!


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Jackson Hole is always a solid choice for good quality diner food, ordered the chili cheese fries for the first time and their were excellent.


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Food is always amazing and they cook their meat really well and based on how rare or cooked the customer wants it. Love the guacamole burger!

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4 reviews
I always like the food here. Tasty and on time. Obviously better in person, but still good for delivery.! I get the vegetarian nachos all the time. They are better without lettuce. Who wants to reheat leftover nachos with soggy warm lettuce? I get the onion rings too. YES the rings come in a tin-foil mushed together.... but for the guy on here who THREW them out, what a wasteful spoiled brat. I just just stick them in the OVEN and toast them back up. Big deal. Everyone on here is complaining about soggy bread and burger buns. IT'S TAKEOUT, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! The burger was hot, and the steam from the container made it mushy. Thats NORMAL. The burger is great regardless.


3 reviews
The Jackson Hole is without question the best restaurant in the area, maybe the best in New York. Look its real simple, I could go into detail about how the food tastes and how quickly they deliver, but instead Ill just say this.

Ive ordered from JH 270 times in the past 365 days. Theres your review.


1 review
Terrible unexpected snow storm and I accidentally had the order delivered to my dads house. Jackson Hole corrected my mistake and were so nice about it. Delivery guy a real class act too. And the food was still warm! Excellent food and customer service even when the customer makes a dopey mistake.


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If you are craving a burger don't go anywhere but Jackson Hole. The burgers are delicious and moist (and I ordered mine well done and it was still moist)!!!!! The best of the best. If they have not already been featured on the Food Network they need to be showcased. Amazing Burger!!


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I used to only order their burgers and chicken sandwiches which were ok, it wasnt till I started trying other items on the menu that it became my go to place...whether its for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food is always fresh, creative and delicious. Highly recommend it!

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